Blue Plate Dinner Specials

Hot Turkey or roast Beef Dinner $9.95
Boar’s Head Turkey or Roast Beef on toast points, served open faced, with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, and fresh saute’d vegetables.
Chicken Fried Steak $9.95
This is the “real deal” black Angus Chicken Fried Steak, with gravy, fresh veggies and homemade mashers
Fried Shrimp $9.25
21+ pieces of shrimp with fresh saute’d veggies and french fries.
Brisket Dinner $9.75
Melt in your mouth brisket of beef, seasoned to perfection. A house Specialty, served with homemade mashers, gravy, and fresh saute’d veggies
Meatloaf Dinner $9.50
Our homemade Italian style meat loaf, lots of garlic and fresh herbs, with mashers, gravy, and fresh saute’d vegetables
3-Piece Honey Stung Fried Chicken $9.50
A breast, leg and thigh (no substitutions) served with mashers, gravy and saute’d veggies.
Shredded Beef burrito $9.95
Shredded chuck of tenderloin steak, lettuce, tomato, & onions, smothered in green chili and topped with Cheddar cheese
Steak Dinner $9.95
Sterling Silver choice sirloin steak, hand cut to 5-6 ounces, with mashed potatoes, gravy and saute’d vegetables.
Large Steak Dinner $12.95
Same as above with 2 steaks, can not split