Choose of French Fries, Chips, Coleslaw. Soup or Salad, Onion Rings or Fried Potato Balls $1.95 extra


* Marilyn Monroe $7.95
lettuce, tomato, pickel and red onion, simpole and delicious
with, American, Swiss, Cheddar, or Jack $8.50
* Runaway $9.95
Our fresh ground chuck Burger with 2 pieces of bacon and American cheese
* Elvis $10.50
Our award winning green chili atop an open faced burger with Cheddar cheese
* James Dean $8.95
A mild green chili with Swiss & American, lettuce and tomato
* Cafe Melt $8.75
A classic patty melt grilled rye, onions, and Swiss cheese
* Marlon Brando $8.95
saute’d peppers, onions, your choice of cheese with lettuce and tomato
* Big Bopper $10.25
Bacon, Cheddar, grilled onions, and topped with BBQ sause
* Annette Funicello $7.95
(with out buns) your choice of a patty below with a dinner salad, The cafe diet plate, not served with the above sides
Your Choice of:
* Beef burger – 6oz of Sterling Silver ground chuck
Turkey Burger – 6oz of lean ground turkey
Garden Burger – meatless and delicious
Grilled Chicken Breast – $1.00 extra